In this section, there will be an update once a week about all assets listed on BitMEX. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Tron and Ripple

Crypto Market Overview - Mai 1, 2019


Bitcoin gained 27.81% from the last Monthly Open. Currently we found support at the Weekly Open around 5150. A Daily Close above the Weekly and Monthly Open would be very bullish. However, we also found support at the red trendline which helps us to go further up. Right now, shorts are very high and a short squeeze can be in the hards. This would shoot us up. Major resistance at 5600 and 6200. 

Sentiment: Bullish


Ethereum found support above the Last Monthly Open. Also double tested support at 150.00. A Daily close above Monthly Open would be very bullish. ETH mirrors the price action from Bitcoin. Elon Musk also mentioned Ethereum in a tweet

Sentiment: Bullish


Litecoin had a strong bullish reaction from the Weekly Open. Right now LTC is in a no man’s land. If LTC is able to close above the Monthly Open we turn Bullish. 

Sentiment: Neutral


ADA had a terrible month. Waterfall down to old support. Cardano has to hold this support to go up. Reaction from old support turns us very bullish on ADA. We watch this closely and hope for a close above Weekly and Monthly Open.

Sentiment: Bullish

Bitcoin Cash

BCH was able to crawl above Weekly and Monthly Open. This is very Bullish if Bitcoin Cash can hold this area. 

Sentiment: Bullish


EOS had also a terrible month. If support doesn’t hold we see further downwards action. 

Sentiment: Bearish

eos mai


TRX is now at a critical point. It found support at 420. Double tested it and right now Tron tries to go above Monthly and Weekly Open. We think the bottom is in for Tron. 

Sentiment: Bullish


XRP had a terrible month. It was nearly a waterfall down. Ripple has to hold this support around 5550 or we fall further down. But this is XRP, wouldn’t be surprised if XRP moons soon.

Sentiment: Neutral

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