We offer every VIP a Day Trading Channel where we trade intraday Bitmex positions

Day Trading Rules

Use max. 10x Leverage on BTC and ETH
Use max. 5x Leverage on all others

We don’t always set a Stop Loss because the market can be choppy. We will tell when we close a position or let it ride. We focus on the entry of a trade. If you think the position should be closed, do it! We try to get an overview over the market, but sometimes we are not online.

Always take profits! There is nothing wrong to get some profits. Always take them and don’t wait till we close the position.

Do not risk your whole balance on trades! This is really important. Risk only 1-2% of your portfolio.

If you miss an entry, just wait for the next.

If a position goes against you, you can try to DCA in a position. This is very dangerous but can sometimes save your position. (Buy into a losing position to get a better entry. Try to avoid this, but sometimes it can help.

Always set a Stop Loss when you can’t watch the trade. Market can change direction very fast.

This channel can be a bit spammy, but when you are trading you will get there every info you need. Take a look: 


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