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XBT/USD (87% Profit)

We smashed trough Take Profit 1 and decided to close in the middle of our Take Profit 2 because the market can go in any direction here and we better take the profit and leave. Next trades are coming.

ETH/USD (70%% Profit)

Take Profit 1 was reached and we closed the position because the market was so dangerous. 70% profit on this one.

ETH/USD (86% Profit)

We perfectly sniped Take Profit 1 on Etherum for 86.37% Profit. We closed it because Bitcoin lost his strength.

XBT/USD (32% Profit)

This trade was during the weekend. That’s why we didn’t get much volatility. We closed early because the market was unsure and we just wanted to protect our capital. 

ETH/USD (133% Profit)

Our ethereum trading went as expected and reached all take profits. At the end of the day, we were 133% profit out of the trade.

ETH Long

XBT/USD (98% Profit)

Bitcoin trade was very successful with 82% profit. We are still further up after that, but sometimes you just have to collect profit.

Xbt long

EOSM19 (55% Profit)

EOS was terminated early because the market behaved very unusual. Nevertheless 55% profit.


XBT/USD (82% Profit)

Bitcoin reached our Take Profit 1 and found support at this point. Market was a bit insecure, so we decided to protect our capital. 82% Profit.

BCHM19 (32% Profit)

Bitcoin Cash reached our Take Profit 1. After that, we decided to move our Stop Loss in Profit. Stop loss was hit after we had 32% Profit.

ADAM19 (7% Profit)

During our position “The Wall Street Journal” published an articel about Bitfinex used Tether reserves to Mask Missing $850 Million. We had to close the long position early.


ETH/USD (8% Profit)

It was a very risky trade. ETH performed weaker than BTC during this time. So we called for closing or let it up for a very risky trade. 


XBT/USD (35% Profit)

This was one of our public Bitcoin trades. We took profit early and closed 60% of the current position. We decided to load up again a short at the entry. So far 35% Profit in this trade.

LTCM19 (8% Profit)

We closed the Litecoin Long position early. Bitcoin wasn’t sure about his direction and we felt not confident anymore in that position. Tiny profit of 8%.

ETH/USD (195% Profit)

ETH/USD Take profit 1 reached. We closed the trade manually and secured profits.

XBT/USD (41% Profit)

A risky XBT/USD trade. Market was really volatile and we closed for a 41% Profit. Bitcoin can still go up a little bit

XRPH19 (62% Profit)

XRP reached our Take Profit 1 with 62% Profit. We deceided to move stop loss to entry and it reached it.

ETH/USD (123.6% Profit)

This was our first 100%+ profit trade and we are really happy with it. We Sniped the bottom and sold at the top.
March 14, 2019
March 4, 2019

XBT/USD (25% Profit)

This trade took a while and we closed early because of the market turning bullish.

ETH/USD (4,33% Profit)

We closed this also early because the market was too choppy. 4,33% Profit.

XBT/USD (13% Profit)

We closed this trade early because the market was too choppy. Still 13% Profit.

XBT/USD (23% Profit)

This trade started good. After Take Profit 1 it reached Stop Loss. Still 23% Profit
February 24, 2019
February 14, 2019
February 14, 2019
February 13, 2019


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